Outsourcing Services

A better way to manage projects with skilled professionals.

Outsourcing is a co-employment relationship between the Client Company, Outsourcing Company and the Employee. The outsourcing company (Prime Access) is responsible for all employee related activities i.e., Sourcing, Hiring, Payroll Management (PF, ESI, Insurance & medical policy, Professional taxes) and all statutory benefits.

We provide the most comprehensive range of outsourcing solutions with proven track record of outsourcing thousands of employees to some of the leading companies in India. We have now grown to house over 600+ employees serving some of the leading clients today.

Our FlexHire outsourcing model and pricing is completely transparent. We will make sure our client is fully aware of all the business information at all levels and there are no hidden costs. Our flexible outsourcing solutions will enable companies to outsource their HR functions while they can focus on their core business functions.

Engagement Models:

Employees will be deployed to work for clients based on requirement and all HR activities like Salary, PF, ESI, PT, Health Insurance and all statutory benefits will be managed by Prime Access.
Employees will be outsourced to work for client for a limited time where in employees will be hired directly by clients based on performance after the contract period.
SLA Based:
Client will undertake service level agreement with Prime Access for managing customer account. Prime Access will handle all employment and project management tasks by having dedicated SPOCs for each account interacting and reporting to SDM/Account Manager of Client.


If your company is looking for flexible outsourcing solutions that can dramatically improve your time-to-productivity and reduce the cost of talent acquisition and readiness, we are ready to work with you in understanding your requirements and implement customized solutions that fit in to your organizational requirements.

Benefits of our FlexHire Outsourcing:

We have a web based online HRMS tool to manage activities at all levels from hiring to relieving.

Outsourcing operation Model:

HR Management
Communication Management
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