Desktop Virtualization Services

Prime Access provides enterprises with Microsoft VDI solutions that will enable them to gain tremendous value by providing high performance virtual desktop platform while reducing the cost of deploying virtual desktops.

VDI allows users to access secure and centrally-managed desktops running in the datacenter. Users can get to their desktops from any authorized connected device, improving the ability to be productive even in the case of a disaster.

Microsoft VDI empowers enterprises with unified management of centralized desktops and corporate data through System Center Technology.

IT can extend existing management tools and processes to the virtual desktop environment as well, thereby reducing management overhead while still enabling rapid deployment and patching by managing images centrally. System Center Configuration Manager orchestrates rapid delivery of operating systems, applications, and software and hardware updates across physical and virtual desktop platforms, including self-service applications packaged with App-V. With security and management tools built into the Microsoft VDI platform, data on the virtual desktops is secure, thereby improving the ability for organizations to comply with even the strictest of regulations.

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